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Email: joe@holmesmillet.com
Phone: 214.526.4885
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Joe’s an award winning media professional who’s experience on-set and in post with some of the biggest names in the industry has brought specializations in production techniques, motion graphics and visual effects to the department.

His career was born of mentorship from a young age. Working for his grandfathers small media company through high school, he learned from the experienced freelancers he had access to, while and studying for his eventual stedicam certification. Before he graduated high school, he gained a position at an established production company in Atlanta, where he spent the next 10 years, eventually leaving as senior editor and producer. There, he created pieces for companies such as Coke-Cola, Verizon, and the American Heart Association; and collaborated with the likes Dick Clark, and Alton Brown, and hundreds of artists including Beyonce, Tina Marie, Nelly, and Jay-Z.

Upon relocation to Dallas in 2008, he’s spent extensive time both with on-location and in-studio production, Working on a 30′ greenscreen cyc wall, while regularly overseeing or executing the filming and post of hundreds of broadcast spots, Joe took his knowledge of both ends of the pipeline to focus his specialization to visual effects.

After more than 5 years honing his skills in keying, tracking, and composing, he’s now an award winning nuke artist and on-set visual effects supervisor. Joe has been recognized by “millimeter” magazine as “digital content producer of the week”, and has won multiple telly awards for his filming, editing, and VFX work. With his national campaigns, and hundreds of broadcast commercials and independent films, his work can be seen on screens around the world.