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Dave Koss is a three-time Telly Award-winning motion graphics artist and video producer who has worked with stars like George Strait and Oprah. His work has been seen on screen and television throughout the country. He grew up in Grand Prairie, TX. He was encouraged by his parents from a young age to express his creativity in many different fashions. He bought his first computer from Radio Shack at age 7 and began making videos on his parent’s camera at age 9. He learned to animate digitally with Autodesk Animator in DOS, before Windows was popular. When Dave was 15 he joined the High School TV program and learned to edit on the first AVID non-linear system at any High School in Texas. Dave graduated and went off to college to begin his degree in Radio, Television, Video and Film.

While in college he started a job at a dub facility de-tabbing VHS tapes and worked his way up to editing. One of those jobs required he testify as an expert witness in the kidnaping trial of Mark Minger. His role was to testify that enhancing the video and audio quality of a confession did not alter the tape in any way by comparing graphical waveform comparisons of the original and enhanced versions. Dave was offered a job as a live graphics operator on a concert and speaking tour and moved to Nashville, TN. After a brief stay in Nashville, he moved home to finish school, but continued to tour with other bands like Creed and George Strait. In 2007 he designed the HD video layout for the tour as well as directed the live concert shows for George.

After having a daughter, Dave began working locally in Dallas, TX and is currently at HM Productions. He decided to travel less and concentrate on commercial motion graphics and commercial editing. Most recently he finished the Oprah Winfrey tour working with new-age graphics systems, media servers, and custom content. His history in the inner workings of concert production have helped him become very knowledgeable in the integration of his media with the live technology his clients are using on site. Dave also runs a Motion Graphics Tutorial website called Brograph.com that is quickly gaining popularity online. He believes that sharing knowledge with the online motion graphics community and building a social reputation is key and is gaining a reputation online as a leader in the field.