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As a seasoned creative industry professional, Kelly has built his career around being a great problem solver. A steady, trusted advocate for his clients, he uses his expertise to guide them through the process of bringing their visions to life through innovative technology, creative design and proven marketing and production practices. He is passionate about quality, and about producing beautiful and effective marketing tools tailored to each client’s needs.

Kelly has been trusted with brands such as Bath & Body Works, Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, Victoria’s Secret, Express, Lane Bryant and Frito Lay. His experience ranges from business development, project management, creative consultation, and oversight for print production, display fabrication, 3D animation, web development and more.

His work with clients begins with listening to their business goals, marketing needs and creative ideas, and then translating them to our team for use in creating the concepts, designs, projects, campaigns and productions they need to meet their objectives.

In summary, he operates with one goal in mind – to make it easy for clients to meet their goals through a seamless experience.